What’s in my Camera Bag 2017 | Landscape Photography Edition

What’s in my Camera Bag 2017 | Landscape Photography Edition

In this video I am still in Snowdonia and we delve into the depths of my camera bag to see what I am using to capture my landscape photography in 2017.

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Whats in my Camera Bag

One of the things I love about photography is the marriage of technology and art. It seems often the cool thing to do is to pretend you don’t care about the gear. Whilst the gear are just tools I use to create my art, from time to time I really enjoy talking about my tools. I am not alone in this. I am contacted daily by people asking me what gear they should buy, what is the best lens for a certain situation, what filters I use etc etc. So on my recent trip to Snowdonia I took a few minutes to show exactly what is in my landscape photography bag.

To see a full list of my camera gear please use he link above.

Camera Bag

I also get a lot of questions about the bag itself. I am currently using the F-stop Sukha camera bag. This is an amazing photography bag that is perfect for the rugged mountain conditions I am faced with. It is was waterproof and provides great access to your gear that is stored in the ICU or internal camera unit. It is a big bag and has addition room for food, camping gear and more.


My main body is currently the Canon 5D Mark IV. It is truly an epic camera. I have reviewed it before in a big real world test. Hit the link below.

I am also using the Canon 800D for vlogging. For well under a thousand pounds this is a great camera with superb video features and still ideal for landscape photography. You can see my recent review on the link below.


My current lens setup covers all the important focal range for capturing landscapes. Having a wide angle lens is important if you want to capture the big wide vistas. I use the Canon 17-40mm f/4 lens. Whilst it is an older lens it still provides excellent quality and can also be picked up for a bargain price. I have not felt the need to upgrade to a newer 16-35mm lens.

Next I use the Tamron 24-70mm. Image quality is on a par with the original Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 but the Tamron also come with image stabilisation. Perfect for video.

At the long end I use the Canon 70-200mm f/4 to capture the more intimate landscapes. I purposely use the cheapest version which is the f/4 because it is the lightest and easiest to lug around. I use the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS mark 2 for my wedding photography. It is a stunning lens but weighs more than an elephant. I do not want to carry it up mountains.


As many of you know I do not use graduated filters. I prefer to use screw on filters. I feels they are easier to carry around and quicker to use.

I carry a circular polariser for each of the lenses and Neutral density filters for long exposure photography. I have a 6 stop ND and a 10 stop. They can also be combined to give 16 stops of light reduction.


What’s in my bag accessory wise? Photography equipment is made up of accessories such as lens hoods, eye piece covers, memory cards, batteries and other stuff such as food and safety gear for the mountains. I no longer use a shutter release cable or an intervalometer as the Canon 5D Mark IV has it built in along with a bulb timer.


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31 Responses to What’s in my Camera Bag 2017 | Landscape Photography Edition

  1. First Man Photography

    I am really interested to know what is your next planned gear purchase and also what is your dream ‘money is no object’ purchase?

    Some people will say the gear or the camera doesn’t matter and they are just tools. Yes, they are the tools of our trade….. but I absolutely love them. I love the tactile feel of the camera in my hands, the buttons, twisting on lenses and setting up tripods. I love the technology and I enjoy talking about. It was the marriage of art and technology that attracted me to photography in the first place. I get asked about my gear a lot and I am very happy to talk about it. I love everything about photography and the gear is a big part of it.

  2. Mike Mitchell


    The “bag tour” is much appreciated. It looks like you have everything you need and nothing you don’t!

    My next gear purchase will be a Really Right stuff ‘pod and ball head. I’ve been using three different Gitzos for 30+ years, I can’t kill-’em, but their weight may kill me. I’m also looking to use a tripod with no center column for a change. We’ll see…

    Lookin’ forward to your next Snowdonia report.


  3. Paul G Johnson

    Great to see what you carry in your bag Adam , love that bag . Well done on the sponsorship buddy 🙂

  4. Pauline Follett

    Thanks for giving us a peak into your camera bag. It was very interesting.

  5. sexysilversurfer

    With all that gear you carry you should join the army! I noticed you said you don’t use graduated filters, is the dynamic range of the mkiv that good that you don’t need them?

  6. Anci

    Regarding your filters, Adam. The ND filters look like B+W filters to me, are they MRC (Multi Resistant Coating) or just normal ones? Been meaning to get proper ones and I’m just curious as to how easily normal ones scratch (or don’t scratch).

  7. Jason Bould

    Congratulations on the sponsorship Adam, very much deserved! Great vlog as always!

  8. David Raynor

    i got that tripod at the same time has a couple of top lenses then had car taken away so only got to use tri pod once has no way of gettin to locations now so disappointing but good luck is a stranger to us but enjoyed the video

  9. MrLazyhead

    The 70-200 f2.8 IS is so worth the extra money. I know £2k (brand new) is hell of a hit but its such an investment. Put your money in glass

  10. Demir

    *amazing content like always keep up the great work*
    my first camera is gonna be a canon 800d is that a good choice?

  11. martin hogarth

    Wow…that’s a big bag !! I would be on my knee’s carrying that one. good Vlog ..keep them coming…martin

  12. ylemort

    I have practically the same configuration during my hikes this summer in the Dolomites with the Canon 5D MKIV, 24-105mm 100-400mm and I can confirm that bag f-stop shuka is perfect(Just bought on extra the Rain cover for heavy rains), I find the ideal size to carry some extra suit warm clothes for example and support it is very comfortable .
    thank you for this video and congratulations for the beautiful pictures that I could see on your site

  13. Steve De Waele Landscape photography

    Hello Adam,

    I have used the Canon f4 17-40mm for almost 10 years, now i use the f4 16-35mm and I was hugely impressed with the quality and the difference.

    for the rest also Fstops, and if I have a lot to wear the Benro sherpa.

    whistle is built in your backpack shoulder straps fstop strap


  14. POWERBOY36

    I Just Wanted To Know If The 500D Is Decent For video making as well?

  15. haamid kamal

    does the canon 24-105 brings a significant change to a canon 700d from the kit lens (18-55). i am planning on buying the former secondhand. please help.

  16. Yamanotefy

    It is so nice to see you presenting your gear outside, in the landscape you love so much.
    That makes it authentic and charming as always and straight to the point using it for photos (and no endless comparisons online without any output).

  17. Pixel Komando Photography

    Hello @First Man Photography, this is an off-topic question… Could you make a video about 500px? How to use it? How to get followers? How to be a cool photographer on there? I’ve got the feeling i’m not a bad/Poour photographer but this website makes me cry, no followers, i’m a 90 pulse man 🙂

  18. Rafael Catarino

    Could you please make a video on landscape photography using your 800d + 10-18? Many cannot afford the 5d mk IV. Thank you

  19. Gingerbeard

    Just picked up on your channel. Looking forward to other videos 🙂

  20. The Yorkshire Tourist

    not sure if i missed it but I’m interested to know which circular nd filters you use adam?

  21. jalbani77

    About the tripod. Is 055 sturdy enough for slower shutter speeds with tele lenses? I’m about to replace my Manfrotto 190go cf with something sturdier, because I can’t get sharp images with it, when using my 70-200gm lens at the long end and shutter speed is longer than 0,5s.

  22. Chris Cloud

    any one man tents you recommend?

  23. Dennis C

    hi adam, i have just upgraded from the 7Dmkii to the 5Dmkiv, i have purchased the canon 17 40mm for my landscapes. i know you also do weddings what lenses do you use on the mkiv for the weddings.

  24. Dennis C

    bonus! already got 85mm 1.8. i have read using ettl flash has exposure issues but not tried it yet.

  25. Dennis C

    no not with that lens.my flash speedlights are over 2 yrs old and i have read the mkiv has ettl exposure problems with old flash guns.

  26. อีสานบันเทิง โดยจารุเมือง ยุคจร


  27. mike Kay

    You mentioned doing video with the 5D; can you shoot through the viewfinder? I just hired a Canon 80D for three months and found I had to video through the LCD screen; not easy to do in Queensland. Just subscribed; like your style and photography.
    Mike in Oz

  28. Randall Herrera

    How does the tamron work with DPAF in video? as good as native glass?

  29. TheMobileMan

    Thanks for another informative video Adam.   I’m curious to know if you ever bother to micro-adjust your autofocus in your Canon cameras?

  30. WuschelofDespair

    Canon makes great cameras, but if you are so concerned about weight why not go with a Sony A7r? I think it should also have a better dynamic range and higher resolution than the 5D. I love Canon (shooting on a 60D) but they really need to step up their game I think, especially if you compare prices

  31. Diljeet John

    So, I have subscribed to your channel after watching just one video about “5 reasons to get the 50mm prime lens”. And your landscape photography is amazing, followed you on Instagram. When I read the title of this video, I thought you may also suggest some entry-level wide angle lenses. As you might have guessed by now, I’m a beginner with an interest in landscape photography. I see that the others who have commented are all experienced photographers, so please excuse me for asking this but could you please suggest some cheap entry-level wide angle lenses that are great for landscape photography? And keep up the good work. Cheers!