Vital filters for landscape photography

Vital filters for landscape photography

There are a million and two photographic filters on the market. Some can help you take better photos and some are designed simply to separate you from your cold hard cash. Here’s my humble opinion about which filters are actually worth getting.

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Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work includes the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750 camera.

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18 Responses to Vital filters for landscape photography

  1. Galaxy Blades

    and plese share with me your ND filter recommendations on best brands in your expert opinion

  2. raj thapa

    nice guidance. thanks

  3. cjm081

    Haha. Like your Viking sweater.

  4. Sergii Vinychenko

    Hi,Im amateur photographer, my english not so good,so UV filter is no need,but Pol-Circ will be good? Im understand right?

  5. thia poo

    How much did you get your polarizer for? I want to get a good quality one

  6. Luke Tilton

    You sound like Walter Sorrells!

  7. Angela Thomas

    Hi I always watch your videos so can you tell me is it worth buying a reverse grad filter please 🙂

  8. Cy Brunel

    My scrambled eggs and bacon filter is the best for my style of shooting. Runny egg skies, and those tasty bits of bacon in all my shots.Man I loves that bacon !

  9. Timmy Smalls

    Totally agree with the UV filter. There’s next to no chance in hell I’m putting shitty glass in front of a $2.5k lens, no matter the quality. You want protection, use a hood or take up knitting

  10. Jens Eser

    What mic do you use?

  11. Petit White

    ….but I might need the UV filter while at the beach to protect from the sand and the ocean mists. what do you think?

  12. Sanin K Lal


  13. Basil George

    Good explanation..

  14. Evards Voofs

    Really, really bad advice on the UV filters regarding their primary use, which is – Protecting the front element of your expensive lens. You don’t have to drop your camera or be in a sand storm to damage your lens, this is obvious. Anyone thinking that fitting an innocuous filter is akin to wrapping your car in styrofoam is either an idiot or not paying for their lenses. – Next he’ll tell you to throw away your lens covers too! Correct on the other advice, surprisingly..

  15. Waxy Parsnips

    I think many people forget these are two totally different filters – UV and Polarizing and with the good intent of purchasing a Polarizing filter get easily distracted by the sales clerk and end up getting sucked in to buying a UV… Just wondering though, “Sky” filter – what is it or is it the same as the UV -with possibly just a different name.

  16. Don Coleman

    thanks for this info, I still use film

  17. Franc Peret

    @ 2:47 wrong statement, but this comes out often as Shutter speed is not the proper term that should be used for the shutter function in photography, at its unit is not a unit for speed or displacement (such as m/s), but for a duration (seconds). ND filter does not serve to “increase shutter speed” but to “increase shutter opening duration”. I hope it helps!

  18. Meatbyproducts

    A few times that I have used UV filters I have broken them. I sometimes go into horrible areas and keep a few in my bag for those times.