The UGLY side of Landscape Photography

The UGLY side of Landscape Photography

Lots of photographers may have you believe that landscape photography is all about being at one with nature, witnessing beautiful sunsets and connecting with the landscape on another level. Well, sadly this is rarely the case.

Music: Tear Drops by Stems Instruments

All Downloaded from Here:
*This is an affiliate link. Be very aware that if you choose to use this link to sign up with Epidemic Sound, whom I have used for over 2 years, I will get a cheeky commision. xx


Below is most of my kit used on this trip. These links will take you to Amazon where you can read more. Please be aware that if you choose to purchase any of this kit I may get a commission of 3% from Amazon 🙂 **Not my reason for doing the video, but feel obliged to let you all know** Peace.

For a more comprehensive kit list & why I use each piece of gear, please check out this blog post:

Canon G5X –
Lacie Rugged Hard Drive –
LowePro Bag –
Manfrotto Bag –
Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Tripod (New Version here) –
Arca Swiss Manfrotto Ball Head –
My “L” Bracket –
Lee Field Pouch –
Lee Foundation Holder –
Lee Polariser –
Polariser Adaper Ring –
Lee MEDIUM Grads –
Lee Lens Caps –
Plug Bug –
G5X/G7X USB Charger –
5D USB Charger –
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro 3 Way Mount –
Gorillapod –
Audio Recorder –
Rycote Wind Jammer –
Mic –
I also needed an adapter for the Lav Mic –
Leatherman Skeletool –


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38 Responses to The UGLY side of Landscape Photography

  1. Frank Aquino

    Great stuff Thomas, you’re an inspiration, I have never really thought too much about landscape photography. I usually shoot more up close nature, urban city stuff. I have been struggling for inspiration because I felt a lull in my photography as a whole. This video has made me want to give landscape photography a shot. Thanks for what you do. Cheers from Canada.

  2. M E Shoffner

    Tom this was a great video as in got into the reality of landscape photography. It’s not always fantastic sunrises and sunsets on cue … things go off and things happen. Thanks!

  3. Vanessa Adelman

    beautiful, absolutely awresome vlog

  4. Anni Koster

    Stay that human who make the mistakes maybe everyday. It makes who you are.😁😜

  5. Rohan Anerao

    Hey Thomas, I liked both of your photographs, both were amazing.

  6. Chairman LMao

    Such a refreshing break from the “everything’s awesome!!” videos on YT. Appreciate the honesty, instant sub

  7. Jim Garlock

    Better in the car when you need it then in your pocket in the wash….

  8. CNN

    It’s really what keeps me returning to photography. It’s a struggle, rich in hardships and failures. It’s uncomfortable – while people are warm in their houses I’m out there getting poured on. The feeling of triumph when I finally take that shot, the feeling I have when I’m driving back home, and the joy I get when I pull that photo up in Lightroom knowing that I’ve succeeded.
    That’s why I do it.

  9. May D

    ohhh God I wish i can be professional as you are ^_^

  10. David Abbs

    That devil sky, Im always complaining about the sky and the weather spoiling a shoot, makes at all the more worth while when it does all go how you want it.

  11. Diego Tañafranca

    great vid

  12. Freddy Dorling

    you sure get round the lakes quickly little langdale to ridle all in time for tea

  13. Brent Olsen thanks for making 2017 a better year,

    I’ve been a photographer for many years and I love your vidios keep up the good work!You made 2017 a better year,and that’s not the real chuck Norris I know!

  14. Josh Branson

    This video should just be called the truth about landscape photography. There’s nothing ugly about having to endure what others wont to get the shot.

  15. Mini Frauen

    Honestly man, this inspired me in a massive way – I’m really not sure how to articulate why: perhaps how relatable it is, or because it’s actually quite a fascinating story you’re sharing. It isn’t pessimistic, it’s just honest. I can’t express my love for the last shot – not only because it’s an amazing picture, but because of the experience that came with capturing it. Peace and love yo

  16. Jay Pierre Alvarez

    Love this video, the ambiance and background music. Well informative too. Thank you

  17. Peter Scott

    Well i reckon you got two great shots, but for me i learned so much. The effort, determination and humour you showed on the day, gave me good food for thought. Yours a keen enthusiast.

  18. Owen Prescott

    I hate living in the UK lol

  19. Bruce B

    Nice Video Thomas.. we all have done the things you have. I once went to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon,,, with gear and all…. except for my camera battery charging in my hotel room 3 hours away in Vegas. I had a S7 Android phone… yea saved the day I laughed it off.. it happens were humans, now I have a pack list and follow it. It helps.

  20. Devon Opden Dries

    The struggle is real… The willingness to get up early, stay up late, endure discomfort, cold and weather often separates the pros from the chumps. ..Except when you do all that and forget your shutter release cable and your set of filters at home! #Imstillachump

  21. Mesquite TxHillCountry

    Liked the photos <3

  22. Nature Photography Show

    Your content is fantastic because you are you… You record what it really is like as a landscape photographer. Not every outing is “Stunning”. Keep it up!

  23. Remi Mautjana

    Thomas, I’ve been following you and am so really touched by the Naked Truth to be told… #Weather OH.MY.WORD!

  24. Ruby Zhao

    Nice video!

  25. Mark Aldridge

    THIS IS THE BEST LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER QUOTE… “Failure is only postponed success as long as courage “coaches” ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory.” ~H. Kaufman

  26. 00Skyfox

    Such amazing scenery! Where I live (Michigan in the US) there’s just nothing like that, at least not in the lower half. By the way, where were you that you were able to trek wherever you like to get your photos? Is there a lot of public land and/or public trails through the countryside?

    This video, or at least the conditions you experienced in this video, would be a great time to discuss the necessary preparations a photographer needs to make for enduring harsh weather, waiting for very long times to get the shot (ie. bring food), and how to decide when to wait it out and when to call it quits.

  27. Joanne Dauphinee

    nice to know everyone is human, even a professional photographers like yourself. I’m loving your videos, slowly going through as many as my lunch hour permits. Keep them coming.

  28. Yotengri Tengri

    Please tell me the name of the violin song !

  29. Ken Rees

    Hi Thomas  are you a
    member of a camera club

  30. Don Bon

    The first rule for a British landscape photographer is to leave the UK.

  31. Kevin Baylon

    Great post. Mistakes or less-than-ideal/unexpected conditions, though, can still surprise through the final result.. like the first location/shot.. though the light was only on the foreground field, it created an interesting, even moody contrast between the lone tree in sunlight against the dark, towering peak looming behind it.. surely, that same shot would’ve been entirely different had the light shined how you wanted it.

  32. ata cintura

    Just bought this new DSLR bag online! It’s got plenty of space for all my equipment. You can check them out.

  33. Angel La Canfora

    So glad I happened on this video tonight as I had a bad photography day today! I spent hours out waiting for the weather to come ’round to get the shot I was looking for. It had been perfect earlier in the day, when I wasn’t in photography mode. Makes me cranky! This vid made me laugh and at least you got a fab shot out of it all!

  34. SoftCheeks

    I like hiking for a wicked long exposure photo on the water and after 45 min hike i realize i dont have my ND filter.

  35. Wiltshire Man

    Hi Tom,
    It’s often that I forget spare batteries and have to cobble together the various shots and clips I get. Hardly ever does anything run 100% perfectly. I need to polish up my act. But even your “Bad day” would be an exceptionally good day compared to my humble efforts.

  36. XyndracNET - Natur, Reisen und Photos

    In “Photo for life” ( Oliviero Toscani said something like: Everything is beautiful and what you ‘see’ – you can also take a photo. So i guess, it’s also possible to take “bad weather” photography? Hm. Never tried it myself, taking photos with rain and wind or other bad conditions.

  37. Lajos Sidlovszky

    Beautiful places! I lived here, Ambleside! Great shot! 🙂

  38. Terrance Roman

    Sometimes unexpected conditions can lead to something pretty terrific. And sometimes not. 😮

    That being said, I find it’s the journey to a great photo that makes it special for me. The ones where I’ve had to try and try again, struggling with frustration of failure and getting annoyed. And when the awesome shot comes out at the end, I’m twice as excited about it!

    If only a storm had come up. You could have tried for some lightning shots (assuming you had a safe place to be).

    I’ve created a guide to make taking them a bit easier if it interests your audience.