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modified racing carI made a visit to Seattle, Washington last month to align some projects for this summer. I really want to get down to Dale Chihuly’s boat house and photograph some events and his art work. Glass blowing is awesome, and an art that would be fun to capture through the lens of a camera. There are some other things I will be photographing while I’m up there, the EMP museum, and some Seattle sporting events. I had the opportunity while I was up there to connect with some old friends and tour some of the new brewing facilities in Woodinville that included a tour of the local Whisky distillery called Woodinville Whiskey. The Redmond/Woodinville area has seen substantial growth over the years and wineries and breweries are opening up everywhere, I will be photographing plenty of those establishments this summer. While I was up there though, I had the chance to connect with a Pro 3 race car driver that just started providing auto repair in Redmond. The Pro 3 BMW series is a really cool little car that they are racing up in the Pacific North West, I had the chance to stop by his garage in Redmond and take a look at a few he had there for repair. They keep the cars stock for the most part and have various upgrade options that are allowed, but overall modifications are limited per series rules. I will be photographing some of the races this summer, I am a fan of sports photography, so the Pro 3 race series should be pretty fun to capture. I’ll return after summer when fall starts and get some pictures of the Seahawks games as well. I have some ticket connections that should land me near the field, and if I am lucky on the sideline of a game. I’m looking forward to the races though, those Pro 3 cars can move and with the right tense and the right shutter speed I could get some great pictures of the race. The other thing I wanted to capture in that series is the repair process, engine repair, suspension upgrades, and the modifications that they make on these cars. Photographing cars has been something that has interested me for a while. There is the Barrett Jackson events in Arizona that I have wanted to photograph for a long time, not sure if that will happen but its on my bucket list. Until then, I’ll have some fun photographing the Pro 3 race cars and documenting the modification process from inside the garage at KD Auto repair in Redmond.

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