Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers

Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers

Learn how to take gorgeous outdoor portraits with any camera, whether your working with a model or your family. We’ll show you how to use natural light, how to add light from a flash or speedlight, and how to use an inexpensive diffuser to make soft, flattering light in any conditions. Tony shows you all the camera settings you need and Chelsea teaches you everything about posing. Want to try the flash bender from the video? Get in on Amazon http://help.tc/flashbender

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13 Responses to Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers

  1. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

    ⚡Get the flash bender on Amazon http://help.tc/flashbender
    📸Canon 70-200 f/2.8 on Amazon http://help.tc/CanonPortrait

  2. Subhankar Panda

    I am using Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens for the last one year. Recently I have bought the 50mm 1.8g lens. Now, I want to replace my kit lenses. Which lens should I upgrade? Please suggest.

  3. Fahim Dawood Shaikh

    great, useful video, thanks 🙂

  4. carltonway1

    Tony is one lucky guy to have Chelsea. 🙂

  5. Jon Wagstaff

    Great tuition

  6. Christopher Blake

    I was always in the impression that the shutter speed should be at a minimum the focal length of the lens. 1/200. But that’s just my preference.

  7. Pidus Redlah

    “Add flash to darken an over-exposed background.” Excellent tip.

  8. rancho881

    Great video, made me instantly buy your ebook

  9. Lymitliss

    I know this is an older video, but it might be my favorite so far. Very helpful tips that I’m sure many people hadn’t considered previously. Perfect video for someone like myself who is just now getting into photography.

  10. Octopus Films

    hi, do you know why if i use a flash , and take a picture, my picture going to be a golden, the tone goes to yellower, not as same as the screen that actually white and neutral … white balance, it’s like we change the tone… do you what i should do ?

  11. Gustavo Gottfried

    perfect video! I’m a noob and my girlfriend graduates in the summer.. I’d love to take the perfect picture for the moment!

  12. rkaag99

    I get what you’re saying about the hair at 4:00, but I rather like the look of that particular shot.

  13. NV Creators

    Nice work. Thumbs up for your video. Its actually very refreshing. Hope to see more videos from you. I am Niranjan from India.