Nature Photography – Wetland Bird Shoot – My Local Patch

Nature Photography – Wetland Bird Shoot – My Local Patch

In this video I nip just around the corner to Longton Brickcroft in Lancashire to my local patch to photograph wetland birds. With only a little bit of spare time on a Saturday morning, what better way is there to put that time to good use than to chill out with the camera at a local nature reserve in the morning sunshine.

Adventures by A Himitsu
Arcadia – Wonders by Kevin MacLeod
Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix

Vlog equipment:
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II –
GoPro HERO5 Action Camera –
DJI Mavic Pro Drone –
Zoom H1 Handy Recorder –
Gitzo GT2542 Mountaineer Series 2 Carbon Tripod –

Photographic equipment
Canon EOS 1DX –
Canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens for Camera –
Canon EF Mark III 1.4x Extender –
Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens –
Canon EF 24-85 mm USM lens
Canon 16-35 mm f/4 EF L IS USM Lens –
Angle finder C –
Gitzo GT4542LS Series 4 6X Systematic Carbon Tripod

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32 Responses to Nature Photography – Wetland Bird Shoot – My Local Patch

  1. Daniel Boase-Jelinek

    Love the backlit images!

  2. Street Untitled - Street Photography

    Wow some amazing work , I’d say easily one of your best episodes and what a fitting tribute 🙂

  3. Nicky Barker

    Really enjoying your videos, this one in particular as wildlife photography is my favourite. Excellent set of final images, well done. Look forward to your next video.

  4. david fisher

    Cracking video again Simon with some brilliant images, some serious kit you have, I’m jealous lol, keep them coming mate.

    Sorry for your loss pal, I’m sure you’re nan will be watching over you and be proud of your tribute, God bless, Davy…

  5. Andrew Willock

    Great work Simon and some beautiful images, the swan shot is magical and a fine dedication. My condolences

  6. Willnot Betracked

    You are very lucky, not only to have that lens (though I bet you worked hard for it!) but also to be able to kneel down like that! Even with kneepads, if I knelt down for the length of time it took to watch this video I wouldn’t be able to walk the rest of the day! Loved the wooly headed glasses moment – it was like watching myself! Loved the images too!

  7. Willnot Betracked

    PS. Just saw the end about your nan……I lost my mum (92) two days after boxing day so I know exactly how you are feeling mate. You are not alone.

  8. Mar Grab

    Time well spent watching this.
    Being out and about this is where magic happens .

  9. insectman007

    Lovely tribute and great images, I particularly like the cormorant but they are all great. It shows that getting lower to their level makes a difference

  10. AdieJ62

    Another excellent video Simon. I have only just discovered your channel and I like your relaxed presenting style, coupled with a fine mix of technical info and background thoughts. Oh, yeah….and your images are wonderful…!!
    Keep up the good work! Subbed!

  11. Mark Harris

    Love Longton Brickcroft and it’s totally accessible to my scooter, which Grimsargh isn’t which is very unfortunate as I live in the village. We must only be about 5 miles away from each other and until last year I went to Martin Mere and Mere Sands Woods on a very regular basis, which being on your side of the city I’m sure you frequent. A very nice video of a place I know well, absolutely chocker with treecreepers. Obviously subscribed, absolutely stunning images. Beautiful tribute to your Nan at the end of the video, she will be watching and will be proud of you.

  12. Paul Miguel Photography

    Hi Simon. Really enjoyed this video and found it very relaxing. Cracking images and a great example of working your local patch.

  13. Draxe

    My condolences on the loss of your Nan.  Your images are beautiful and inspiring.  Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wandering Wolf 2

    Lovely video matey. Your doing my fave passion, wildlife photography. Great video, loved watching you at work and the narrative too……excellent stuff and now hooked on your channel.
    Stunning images by the way, what dreams are made of  🙂

    P.S…Was sent over by Mark Harris by the way!

  15. Robert Blesse

    Many thanks, Simon, I really enjoyed this video. You really got some lovely shots! I also appreciate the part where you couldn’t find your glasses, heh, heh, I can certainly relate to that. I was wondering what you setup is for shooting the video of yourself. What kind of tripod and camera are you using? Many thanks, I certainly enjoy your videos and alway look forward to a new one arriving!

  16. Philip Watson

    Hooray!!!!! so good to see a nature and wildlife Tog making videos of wildlife in the UK. I have subscribed and look forward to more homebased wildlife photography

  17. Patrick GEVAERT

    The cormorant at 9′ was very good!!

  18. TheHappyWanderer

    Absolutely fabulous images Simon, I have been watching a few of your productions over the last 24 hrs, each one is making me want to get out there and shoot better images than what I shot at the weekend, I was shooting around Ladybower and Derwent Reservoir.

  19. Allan Davies

    Hello Simon, Like you I kept forgetting where I put my spectacles and even dropped and nearly stood on them. My tip is and I know it is not very (manly) but just for photography, mind you, I place on a yellow string which is easy to see necklace, which is easy to see if dropped. I remember Sir Chris Hoy coined the phrase of ‘ Marginal Gains ‘ likewise I have adopted certain techniques and ways of giving myself minor advantages which also reduces my frustration levels. Anyway, it works for me. Best regards, Allan Davies.

  20. Glen Domulevicz

    Beautiful images of birds.

  21. Iain Barker

    Great to find a youtuber covering wildlife photography and especially as your local to me as well. Keep up the good work. If our paths cross at some point i’ll be sure to say hi.

  22. Carl Miller

    I’ve been primarily a bird photographer for about 10 years now. Bird watching came first and then photography followed as a natural extension of the birding. In all that time I’ve ALWAYS tried to shoot birds with the sun at my back with the goal of capturing well illuminated diagnostic images showing the identifying characteristics of each species. It took the entire length of your video to get over the fact that you were INTENTIONALLY shooting into the sun. The artistic results of your images are undeniable. I think I’ll have to look for an opportunity to shoot some artistic images of my own!

  23. Richard W in London

    As much as I dislike cormorants as fish stealers, that was some great shooting Simon, love the back-lit spray of it as it left the water

  24. Andrew Roland

    You’re not the only one who keeps losing your glasses!

  25. Shaun Hilton

    Awesome Simon 😁

  26. david nassur

    Stunning images Simon!

  27. friendship yujin friendship, yujin

    Absolutely images! 👍sir, I kept forgetting for all…, Thank a lot of!!

  28. Steve Ferneyhough

    Nice backlit shot of the Cormorant 🙂

  29. Mark Harris

    Hi Simon, hope you’re keeping ok and keeping well as it seems a while since we’ve seen a new video. I was re watching this video and it reminded of a couple of things I saw at Martin Mere two weeks ago. The first was a coot sitting on a nest half way through January, that seemed far too early to me? The second was a group of drake mallards, about 25-30 that were swimming up and down the mere from the new hide/education centre. It’s behaviour I’ve never seen before and they weren’t hassling and females at all. They were definitely drake mallards and not teal as I have already been asked.

  30. Andy Ackerman

    You need to get a pair of magnetic front clip glasses. They are the best. Go to

  31. barry wills

    Great work simon love the videos it is nice to see the landscape and not the vlogger via the stickcam all the time.

  32. JPavani PAVANI

    Muito bom! JPavani Birdwatching Roraima Brazil