Nature Photography Tricks – Shoot from the Hip Photography Vlog (Ep #3)

Nature Photography Tricks – Shoot from the Hip Photography Vlog (Ep #3)

Hey friends! So last Tuesday the weather was warm, the birds were chirping and nature was practically begging me to come out and shoot.

I packed up my camera gear and headed out on a Ozark mountain trail looking for some springtime color.

In this episode of “Shoot from the Hip,” my behind-the-scenes photography vlog, I’ll give you some tips for taking pictures of tiny things using an extension tube, how to stage a flower shot in nature using bark and a trick for making portraits stand out against a busy background.

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Happy clicking!

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20 Responses to Nature Photography Tricks – Shoot from the Hip Photography Vlog (Ep #3)

  1. Jan RolΓ³n

    What camera where you using to take the pictures?

  2. Tiffany Conn

    Haha, planting flowers and singing “Frozen” … So opposite. And so cute! Love the beauty in the little details you captured on your nature walk in this episode! Good work!

  3. Atay Vayissov

    Night photography tricks please!!! Love your work, keep it up.

  4. Stella K

    So many great ideas…

  5. Caleb Gray

    Wow, awesome video! I’ve really been getting back into nature photography now that spring is arriving, and it’s sweet to see other people doing just that! Great photos!


    hopefully I see more ideas & more tutorials good video

  7. acountrycandy

    ok. I need one if those extension tubes. Do I get it for my prime lens? where do I get one? thanks

  8. Lisa Kehrt

    can you use an extension tube on a Nikon 7200 for a 55-300 lens so it appears to zoom in closer? What do you recommend?

  9. Abhishek Saini

    First Of All I Liked Your Home Doors So Much ..😍
    2. The Tiny Flower Click Idea .
    3. I Like To Click Nature’s Creations So Thanks For This Video πŸ˜‰

  10. arthur Thompson

    A most delightful way to present many ways of Photography that can baffle beginners.!!!

  11. Caitlin Howell

    this is really helpful! it’s inspired me to do more nature vlogs too:)

  12. Pawan.R. Pawar

    Nice ,m gonna use this tricks in next photo walk
    thanx broπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰

  13. Tyrion Rush

    That was a great shot ! loved the composition. Did u add any post processing ?

  14. Hayleejane233

    New to your channel but ive already learned so much! Just purchased my first DSLR camera and I can’t wait to try your tips! keep up the awesome videos:)

  15. Pooja Bairwa

    these kids are so cute…

  16. rsimpson79

    Another great one, sir. Thank you so much for quick and easy tips.

  17. sesNoSwear

    i really like your videos, always in a good mood. keep on the good work πŸ™‚

  18. Ryan Yu

    Hello Moose, what camera and lens set did you use to take this vlog video? Thanks for your awesome tutorial. Love your kids.

  19. Agent 86

    I really enjoy your videos and the information you share is very helpful and we all thank you for posting these videos. Thanks

  20. jhakhohbhy

    Why you always shoot on ISO 200?