NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY in DENMARK | VLOG from a beautiful day with my camera in the local forest

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY in DENMARK | VLOG from a beautiful day with my camera in the local forest

I am in the local woodland doing landscape photography and trying to photograph the beautiful scenery created by the newly fallen snow.
Even though the Landscape this day is amazing, nature photography is a challenge because there are so many beautiful images to capture.

I have just spent a lot of time in the Norwegian mountains doing wildlife and landscape photography and it feels great to be back. Despite the abundance of the amazing wildlife in Norway, which is relatively easy to find and photograph, there is something really nice about being in a very familiar forest very near to where I live in Denmark.

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My gear list

In this episode I am using my main Nikon camera and my Tamron telephoto zoom lens.
The 4K behind the scenes vlog is recorded on my Panasonic GH5 with the Leica 12mm.
For the drone footage I use my DJI drone.
More details about my camera equipment on my website.


The temperature dropped to below zero degrees celsius and suddenly it started to snow. I only had few hours left of the day but decided to go to the local forest to do some landscape photography and to make some b-roll and maybe a behind the scenes vlog.

It is always a challenge to get out from the warm living room and directly into the forest with so many beautiful subjects to photograph, but after a little time, I could feel how the mind and body relaxed and then I started to get good photos.

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My name is Morten Hilmer and I work as a professional nature and wildlife photographer. In a series of short 4K videos I will share my fascination of nature with you and invite you behind the scene when I am out photographing the fascinating wildlife, the stunning landscapes and the wild nature. I work as a ILCP photographer, and nature conservation is very close to my heart.

Read more about my time in the Sirius Dogsled Patrol on the BBC Earth website:

Beside the many publications, my photographs have been awarded in the Wildlife photographer of the year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo competitions.

In spring 2017 I published my book Silence of the North:


All the best
Morten Hilmer

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My gear list



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12 Responses to NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY in DENMARK | VLOG from a beautiful day with my camera in the local forest

  1. Morten Hilmer

    I have got quite a few questions about my equipment. Thinking about making a “WHAT’S IN MY BAG” Video. Any suggestions or questions ?

  2. Hriday Narzary

    It’s a beautiful day, beautiful place and beautiful photo!!!!

  3. Henry Brening

    I would really like to know whats in your bag. Thats a great idea!! Please do Morten. Thanks again for another cool video.

  4. Jolly tech Officer

    what can i say about this video except “woooooooooooowwwww”. love from India. waiting for your next video..

  5. ZTSurvival

    Fed video

  6. Д К

    DENMARK and NORWAY are very beautiful countries (respect from UKRAINE).

  7. Martin Berry

    very enjoyable

  8. A. Mills

    My only complaint about your videos is that I always end up wanting a cup of coffee…

  9. Grzegorz Rachwał

    Another great video, you realy cheer me up this Mavic accident 🙂

  10. George Coleman

    Video description says Tamron lens but I can see the gold Nikon label on the lens? So what lens is it?

  11. Andrew Henning

    Love your style of story telling, very relaxed and natural. Great photography too. Thanks

  12. Rameh Rekha

    sir please come in Nepal 😐😐
    i want meet with
    because my big dreem photographer like you and I want meet me at Nepal please sir

    my address: Nepal, kailali