Landscape Photography Q&A | Money, Careers, Sponsorships & More

Landscape Photography Q&A | Money, Careers, Sponsorships & More

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This is an unusually long episode of questions and answers. Most of which are landscape photography related.


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23 Responses to Landscape Photography Q&A | Money, Careers, Sponsorships & More

  1. Ollie Broadie

    Loved the meteor story.

  2. Shiyas Ali

    can tou teach us how to fet sponcered to travel our travell and way to whar can us to do ..and how do you got those sponceres

  3. Charles Gough

    Just stumbled on your channel. THank you for the honesty, and for answering those questions!

  4. Stuart Norman

    Why did you stop doing weddings?

  5. Roman Geber

    Love the meteor story. Great photograph.

  6. Journeys Of The Crew

    Thomas, this has got to be one of your most physically uncomfortable videos I’ve seen yet, but thank you for doing it! 😉

  7. S

    Thank you Thomas for a great insight of how amazing it can be to become a photographer.

  8. Kelvin

    Well l am happy you can make a living from your passion mate. I enjoy your video segments and find them extremely helpful and informative. If l need to buy things for photography, l will certainly look at doing it through your links. Keep up the good work.

  9. rockjavs52

    10:20 30 seconds of golden words there

  10. ban_one

    what’s your workout routine Thomas!? Them arms!

  11. Adam Lora

    Keep up the work man! Its crazy to think people can be so selfish while watching free content! Throw as many ads in your videos as you want and ill still watch them!

  12. Mark Kemp

    You are doing a great job! I too like the Fro but for landscape I come to your site! Very god stuff!

  13. frank waters

    Thanks very much for this video. It’s inspiring for me.

  14. southernexposure123

    The people angry for you getting paid want you to work for them for free.
    Maybe even better, they prefer you pay them for watching your work. ((-:

  15. federico aka voxa on the road

    gold mine!

  16. Active Josh

    Awesome video thanks for your knowledge. you answered alot of questions ive been going crazy to find.

  17. Edd

    I would happily watch an advert and hear a sponsor, perhaps ask the viewership but from what I’ve seen you have a very accepting community behind you, it is only the angry who are vocal.

  18. Matthew Waudby

    Amazing to hear about your favourite photo. Saw it on the flickr homepage and though it was a picture someone got of me camping in NZ in the same tent for a split instant! Love the channel keep it up!

  19. Eduardo da Rocha

    Well done Thomas, very useful informations, and I’m very fan of your work.

  20. Marcello Cavalcanti

    awesome story about the night sky fireball! thanks for sharing and congrats for taking it!

  21. Sindre

    Great, honest stuff. Loved the story about the meteor shot.

  22. arthur staal

    After subscribing to this channel i’ve started feeling the urge to buy tons and tons of polarizer filters.

  23. Tony Loi

    Probably missed the boat on questions but given the opportunity would you join the Kelby team?