Landscape Photography: Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth

Landscape Photography: Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth

Join Jack Hollingsworth in the series of Picture Perfect as he shares some of his iPhone Photography knowledge and explains how to take the best Landscape Photographs using your iPhone.

Tech Notes from Jack:
1. Because I shoot so often at dawn and dusk, I almost always use a tripod
• Mefoto is my favorite tripod brand
• I use a Mefoto Sidekick 360 adapter to attach my iPhone to my tripod

2. On the iPhone, because of the relative small size of the lens compared to a tiny sensor that fixed F2.2 aperture is more like shooting at F22.
• That means that most subjects you shoot, in bright light, will have “deep focus” or lots of depth-of-field
• The only exception to this is 1: when you are shooting in low-light and 2: when your camera-to-subject focusing distance is close

3. The iPhone has a built-in matrix average meter and can be fooled when shooting into bright light sources like the sun
• When shooting into the sun, lock your exposure-reticle on the subject itself and not the background.
• If you instead lock your exposure on the background i.e. sky, instead of subject i.e. person, you’ll end up with a silhouette.

4. Almost all digital files, even iPhone JPEGS, can be improved my making small adjustment edits
• I use the default Photos app for making quick adjustments to exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation
• For more granular control I use these 3rd party editing apps-VSCO, Snapseed, Camera+, Enlight

5. My favorite time of the day for shooting landscape photography is either early morning or late afternoon
• You have about a full hour of sweet light, right after sunrise. Shoot away!
• You also have another hour of gorgeous light, right before sunset and about 45 minutes after sunset

6. The Time-lapse feature of the iPhone is simple and stunning.
• Time-lapse mode captures 2 Frames-per-second -FPS, combines them into a 1080p video clip, and plays them back at 30 FPS -15X faster than actual speed
• Time-lapse longer than 10 minutes and shorter than 20 minutes, will be recorded at 30X actual speed.

7. Did you know that the iPhone, in panorama mode, can take up to 63MP files
• Panos can cover a full 240 degree Field-of-View
• Panos can be as large as 63MP -16,400X3900 Pixels. Very impressive, and they print well too!

8. The iPhone 6s Plus has built In Optical-Image-Stabilization -OIS-
• OIS Is perfect for recording video and also shooting stills in low-light, it works on both stills and video
• The iPhone 6 only has Digital-Image-Stabilization -DIS- which is not as powerful as OIS
• I think shooting with an iPhone 6s Plus is worth it just for the OIS-really! (you pick up, practically a couple stops of light when shooting)

9. The editing tools/ Photos App that come bundled with the iPhone are actually quite a powerful tool set for basic image editing
• I use the Photos App, for basic adjustments, when I want to get in and out in less than a minute. Slider controls are simple and intuitive and fast.
• If, and when, I want to spend more than 1 minute, editing photos, I’ll likely opt for more comprehensive 3rd party editing apps

10. I sparingly use attachment lenses with my iPhone camera. When I do it’s because I need to get close or wider than the default lens allows
• The default iPhone camera lens, 4.2mm, F2.2/fixed, has a Field-of-View around 71 degrees
• To get wider or close than 71 degrees FOV, you’ll need either a Telephoto or Wide angle attachment lens.
• I personally like the Olloclip active kit that comes with a 2x Telephoto and Ultra-Wide Angle glass.

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Photos by Jack Hollingsworth

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8 Responses to Landscape Photography: Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth

  1. RS

    Dear Jack,

    In reaction on your list:

    1. How about a Joby, easy to carry and you can clamp it on anything.

    2. There are clip-on lenses for sale for almost nothing.

    3. Get a good camera app and shoot manual.

    4. Checkout Snapseed

    5. Duh !!!! Jack, if you would choose midday at noon in the Sun with harsh shadows I would question your sanity.

    6. But there are better ones out there, and some are for free.

    7. Well Jack 63 is a large number but it doesn’t say much about the quality, size matters only to people who have to compensate for something more important they don’t have.

    8. So do others, Jack

    9. You have no idea how much Android tools are out there.

    10. You should, experiment, see what is behind the horizon.

    Jack , I made this speech for you:

    I have a dream today.

    I have a dream that one day here on Earth , with its vicious iPhones, with its Apple Marketing having its lips dripping with the words of innovation and design, that one day right down on Earth, little boys and girls will be able to join hands with little Android Phones and other Smart Phones.

    I have a dream today.

    Happy shooting !!!

  2. fredofoto

    Good points in pointing out the weaknesses of the iPhone camera and ways to overcome them. I was cringing for a moment that this would be another iPhone commercial but it was realistic. Any camera phone would have the same issues.

  3. Matt Dowling

    Hi, it’s great to see what can be achieved, and the shots are amazing. Would you be able to do some instructional videos on the actual processes. For example, you talk about tricking the sensor, how do you do this? I have just changed from my canon to shooting completely on my iPhone, and although I’m taking some good shots, it would be great to learn how to take my iPhone photography to the next level (like yours). Thanks in advance 😉

  4. Matthew Mdumouni

    I appreciate the tips

  5. latreche khaled

    I asked this question before , why Only iphone while there IS a lot of better mobile cameras out there ? , and the answer was ” there will be more episods for other phones ” and that’s not true , only iphone iphone …… Sir , with all my respect i wonder why you are talking about iphones f 2.2 aperture just like it’s something huge , Lg g4 has an f 1.9 , Samsung s6 f 1.8 and now Samsung s7 f 1.7 and all this phones includes a manual mode which is a way better for photographers. If there is any kind of contracts between apple and
    Adorama so we deserve to know it and it’s fine , you are free Cuz u deserve to earn some money too 🙂

  6. Asad Ali

    I think only 6S Plus has the OIS not the 6S. Please correct if Im wrong.

  7. Marshall

    Love this tip 👍🏼

  8. Subhrajit Chakraborty

    iphone 6s+ is best