Landscape Photography: DAYLIGHT Photography TIPS

Landscape Photography: DAYLIGHT Photography TIPS

In this video I show you how I create, what I believe to be, an interesting photo in the middle of the day with bright sun above me 🙂

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Canon 24-105mm F4 IS USM L
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Canon 50mm F1.4
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Sigma Art 24-105mm

Manfrotto 055Cx PRO3 with ball head 498RC2
Manfrotto 190cx PRO3 with ball head 498RC2

Circular polarisers on all lenses
LEE ND Gradual filters (1, 2 and 3 stops)
LEE Big Stopper
LEE Small stopper
Canon trigger
Triggertrap trigger
Gopro Black 4

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18 Responses to Landscape Photography: DAYLIGHT Photography TIPS

  1. iulian dumitrache


  2. Renegade Scot

    Good stuff and some really nice pictures. Do wish people wouldn’t hand catch drones, seen some really messy injuries and not good if you are out in the wilds when it happens. Atb

  3. Ice Black

    Hi! Really inspiring. I will try some long exposures tomorrow for sure. I have some questions though:
    🙂 Why don’t you share your locations? Not exactly if you don’t want to, but it would be nice to know what mountains and peaks are in the photos.
    🙂 Are the Lee filters plastic or glass? Are square nd filters usually glass or plastic?

    Thank you again for your time! Cheers!

  4. Iain Geere

    Good video Tom,cant believe all the snow as gone so fast.Like the tips you gave and the images were great,i do love your drone work,it shows what a beautiful place you live in .Thanks for sharing this with us,and see you in the next one .

  5. Thierry Magi

    Superb drone footage !! You live in a beautiful place very wild and somehow ” unknown territory ” from fotographers and you take advantage of this , really good work toma !!

  6. Mujahid's Photography

    nice drone footage. has the snow melted that quickly? It is amazing!

    – not sure why there is a ddadadadadadada sound in your audio?

    cool video and nice shots. happy spring!!!

  7. toebeytw

    Great Content Toma!
    Photos and Drone Stuff is outstanding again…
    I hope we can enjoy some warmer days pretty soon!

    Greetz Toby

  8. Ginger Photographer

    Top video!

  9. Andres Puiggros

    Nice video, it is good that you share this not ideal conditions for shoting and how your are approaching them. Hope your finger is ok!

  10. barry wills

    Do you also do infrared I would love to see some

  11. Doug Edwards

    really like all your vids – they are very helpful

    what altitude are you at in this vid – doing lots of puffing 😉

  12. PG Tips

    Music too loud and annoying

  13. PG Tips

    The biggest accident with the drone was including it in this video. It just dragged the video out.

  14. PG Tips

    On the positive side I liked your technique and pictures.

  15. Kannappan Sivakumar

    Nice video

  16. CathyAnn

    Another excellent video!

  17. Tim Bourner

    Great tips. What bag are you using in this video? I’m hunting around for a bigger backpack which can take more than camera gear. Cheers from Australia!