Landscape & Nature Photography: Equipment Tips by Jim Goldstein

Landscape & Nature Photography: Equipment Tips by Jim Goldstein Looking for the right camera equipment to take great nature and landscape photos? Professional photographer Jim Goldstein shares his tips & tricks on the Marc Silber Show – Advancing Your Photography! When preparing to shoot, Jim’s first instinct isn’t to reach for his camera, but to use his brain — the creative mind is the most important tool you have for visualizing your photos! Once you have a concept, you can apply this to any equipment you have on hand, whether it’s an iPhone or a high-resolution digital SLR, and shoot more creative pictures than if you had just picked up a camera.

Jim always brings a DSLR and wide angle lens for his landscape photography shoots, and accessories like a tripod and fast memory card are essential. He also gives tips for when to get the best lighting in your photos, and most of all, to have fun behind the camera!

Jim Goldstein has had his nature and fine art photography featured in numerous publications, including Outdoor Photographer, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and many more.

A Silber Studios Production

0:00 – Introduction by Jim Goldstein
1:10 – Jim’s Style of Photography
1:28 – Key Points in Preparation for a Shoot
2:42 – Capturing Emotions
4:00 – Making a Memorable Photo
4:49 – Emotions as a Photographer
6:15 – Lighting Tips
7:24 – Final Tips & Advice



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  1. Susan Taylor Fine Art Photography

    Thank you!! Enjoyed your tips!

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    Great tips! I want him to be my mentor

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    Nice good video photography work, u can also publish in Youpic.

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    Thank you for the sound advice and inspiration to go out and do it.

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    They look so boring. But they tell good info

  7. Fahim Shahriar

    which is better for landscape & nature photography FX formet camera or DX formet camera? +Silber Studios and every one

  8. Marwin Eguia

    Very helpful and inspiring 🙂

  9. Luke Boylan

    this guy has a huge ego

  10. Raymond Martin

    Great tip! I never thought of using my brain before. This changes everything.