How to Shooting Natural Light Outdoor Photos | Photography Tips

How to Shooting Natural Light Outdoor Photos | Photography Tips

Hey y’all! In this video I do a quick outdoor shoot with my husband πŸ™‚ I share my setting and locations. PS Dave just booked a huge movie with Selma Blair, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, and more awesome actors! Im really really proud of him! This is a huge deal! The movie is called “Mother’s Day” they are filming now I will keep you posted when it comes out! His insta is… if you want to follow him πŸ™‚

Also the photos in this video show up a really strange color we tried to fix it but its off. I will be posting the photos on my blog if you want to check them out

PLUS check out this video of me shooting blogger Devon Rachel a while ago with more natural light tips. here

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Stay Inspired y’all!


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  1. bjjbebo

    You suck…respect peoples property,,,

  2. Gavin Martin

    Irritating as fuck

  3. Tony's Imagery

    ITS A BMW DING DONG! Also I think I will spot you with a cattle prod catching you leaning on my car let alone uncovering it. The worst misleading title ever too. Nothing remotely close to “tips” or “How to”

  4. Peter Lustig

    3:28, that sound of the Button on the car paint…..

  5. Daniel Ly

    which prime lens did you use?

  6. Joshua McLendon

    people are triggered in the comments here lol

  7. Farouk Mejdoub

    Could you plezse share more information about the metering mode you used?

  8. marv.B.rockin

    God Bless You for telling the shutter speed, ISO and aperture.!

  9. glass animal

    God !! The boobs !!!

  10. Teryakiwok

    3:42 Completely missed focus. Are we selling a BMW here or shooting a portrait of a model?

  11. geraldinehs19

    omg those were some nice pics, u are so creative. haha it’s funny bc I’ve been thinking about doing a photoshoot on my husband and he has a Mercedes so i thought i could do a couple with his car also!
    definitely inspired!

  12. Devin Pabingwit

    What was the LUT used on this vid?

  13. Jenipher Ruiz

    Guys stop being such pussys about the car. You got to do what you gota do.

  14. Rohit Anand

    Are these edited photos, cause I am not event close to it.

  15. AnchorKit Media

    Nice Jana that was a great tip !!!

  16. Emilioh888

    uncovering the mercedes is a big no !! very disrespectful…

  17. ibex33

    You need to be punched in the face for fucking with another mans automobile.

  18. Gym Repvbblic

    Dumb video and it’s a BMW…. and if that was my car i’d kick both your ass