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Capturing The Interior of a Luxury Home in Scottsdale

kitchen counters in Arizona home

I made my way through Arizona this past month and found myself doing virtual tours for a realtor friend of mine in Scottsdale. Homes in the southwest are absolutely gorgeous. The detail work and craftsmanship are unparalleled and the landscapes are breathtaking. Cactus gardens and palm trees are typical focal points in desert landscapes and can be amazing landscapes to photograph in the wild. When I came to Arizona it wasn’t my intention to photograph real estate, but I found myself really enjoying the change of pace. As a roaming photographer, you are always looking for your next opportunity to shoot something intriguing. As I began to learn more about the houses I was capturing I often took time to marvel at the craftsmanship. The handcrafted cabinetry in the kitchen was a sign that someone along the way was paying attention to the detail. Scottsdale is known for being a ritzy area and anyone that has custom construction done on a home that is already worth north of a million is in a pretty good spot. The kitchen also had a brick pizza oven, and granite countertops that brought the whole thing together. The backsplash was also made of granite and had beautiful marbling that was similar to that of marble stone. The Arizona sun peeked through the windows and lit the counters in a way that artificial lighting never could. The orange hue created a picture perfect moment to capture some pictures around sunset. Shooting photography in Arizona is pretty convenient, there is plenty of natural light that makes indoor and outdoor photography easier. Shooting early and shooting late are usually your best bet for outdoor photography. The intense sun can cause overexposure, so capturing your shots before the sun rises, and after it sets is an ideal window for getting great shots. For this virtual tour, I had the opportunity to shoot in the morning and in the evening. The home was beautiful, and capturing the upgrades within the home became a priority for me. I wanted potential buyers to find things about this home that were unique and could influence a purchasing decision. My friend wanted to get the home off the market as soon as possible and we decided that focusing on the upgrades made during the remodel would be a great focal point for our photography session. Both the kitchen and bathrooms were renovated and included new granite countertops Arizona style. With desert tones, these granite countertops became the focus of both rooms. As you entered the kitchen, the sprawling countertops commanded attention and could not go unnoticed. The bathrooms upon entry also were also feature rich with granite counter surfaces and stainless Steele sink hardware. The floors were also upgraded to tile throughout the home. Below are some pictures that feature the granite countertops in this Phoenix home. Please enjoy the photography and drop me a note if you have any questions about the methods used to capture these pictures.

granite bathroom counters in Phoenix home

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