$200 Tripod VS $1,400 Tripod! Landscape Photography

0 Tripod VS ,400 Tripod! Landscape Photography

0 Tripod VS ,400 Tripod! Landscape Photography Edition: A sturdy, portable and reliable tripod is one of the most important tools in a Landscape Photographers kit, but does expensive necessarily mean better? In this video, I compare a 0 BENRO Tripod and a ,400 Really Right Stuff tripod to determine if cost really matters. Of course, the overall quality will be better with the ,400 tripod, but does it warrant a cost of 7 times that of the 0 BENRO tripod…that remains to be seen!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Detailed Tripod Specs:

Really Right Stuff TVC-24L
Leg Material: Carbon Fiber
Number of Leg Sections: 4
Load Capacity: 40lb / 18kg
Max Height: 66.1″ / 168 cm
Min Height: 3.7″ / 95mm
Folded Length: 23.0″ / 584mm
Weight: 3.7 lb / 1692g

BENRO Travel Flat Series 1 FTF18AINO
Leg Material: Aluminum
Number of Leg Sections: 4
Load Capacity: 13.2 lbs / 6kg
Max Height: 65.2″ / 165.5cm
Min Height: 8.1″ / 20.5cm
Folded Length: 22.2″ / 56.5cm
Weight: 3.9 lb / 1.8 kg

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markdenneyphotography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkDenneyPhoto
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkDenneyPhoto

Stuff Used in this Episode:
Sony A7rii https://goo.gl/LZVlRD
Sony RX100 Mark V https://goo.gl/Nxjpgg
Zeiss Batis 25mm https://goo.gl/lbbjIj
Really Right Stuff Tripod TVC 24L https://goo.gl/kb60Cz
Really Right Stuff Ballhead BH-40 https://goo.gl/ut403q
Really Right Stuff L Bracket https://goo.gl/XO2yi0
Rode Videomic Pro https://goo.gl/L9zSYw
BENRO Travel Flat Tripod: https://goo.gl/mZoasT


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23 Responses to $200 Tripod VS $1,400 Tripod! Landscape Photography

  1. soundofenigma

    If you want portable RRS legs, you should have compared the TFC-14/TQC-14 to the Benro. The TVC is the midrange legs already of RRS. TFC-14/TQC-14 + the BH30. Also, when buying a tripod legs, don’t you consider the stability the legs provides? It’s the very reason why you want to use a tripod in the first place.

  2. JPA Lucid Imaging

    Yo! Come check out my travel photography channel! 🙂

  3. Martin Benford

    Awesome! Keep up the good work.

  4. Martin Benford

    My Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fibre 4 Section Tripod with Horizontal Column £249 & Manfrotto X-PRO 3 Way Head with Retractable Levers and Friction Controls £99.00 Awesome!

  5. Mark Harris

    Because I have disabilities that mean that I can neither carry any kit more than a couple of yards, nor am I allowed to fly portability and weight are of no concern to to me. For me being solid and durable are the most important things, so my aluminium Manfrottos pro190 and pro055 are perfect…and cheap. Being disabled seems to be win win when it comes to tripods. A brilliant and objective video but one thing I do question is when you spoke about the footprint of the tripods and how wide apart the legs are, surely this has to relative to height? Definitely subscribed.

  6. Mike Dixon

    You’re most focused on Price, Portability, Overall Height, and Weight? My first concern with a tripod is stability – you know, the primary reason you use a tripod. I’ve got a Vanguard tripod that runs about $300 and it’s still not stable enough with only one leg extended. I’m in the market for something with much larger legs.

  7. Verdon Rocks Photography

    did you see new Promaster , tall and awesome / sturdy feel, maybe I will go for this one, nice video, thank you

  8. Ma fille Hermes

    Great, informative video, my brother. One would be hard pressed to top RRS’s game, but I like knowing the options out there. Dude, who makes that t-shirt?! So cool.

  9. Divi Photos


  10. Mati

    Show the tripod please. Stop the talk

  11. vafant

    which macro tripod would you recommend?

  12. Chris Snyder

    To be fair you should compare two series 2 tripods instead of a RRS series 2 and a Benro series 1

  13. DAVID HIRST Photo

    I bought the Induro CLT404L and acratech gp ball head all for under a £1000 pounds. Used manfrotto for over 20 years and fancied a switch so like you i did research but dismissed RRS on price alone,its way too expensive you can get great quality kit cheaper than what you would pay for their gear.

  14. Michael Wellman

    You miss out on a lot of important issues here. Stabiity of a tripod is worth it’s weight in gold. Reliability is also very important. What good is a $200 tripod if you have to replace it every two years? Really Right Stuff has a variety of tripods with shorter legs and weigh less if that is important to you. For me, you can’t be a Riess tripod

  15. G Pierson

    You’re comparing apples to oranges. should compare tripods in similar if not same class. closer comparison would be the RRS TQC-14 vs Benro Travel Flat. Or the Benro TMA48CXL vs RRS TVC-24L. Both these comparisons would be closer even tho still not in same class. To me price would then play a bigger factor in choice.

  16. Bruce Allen Hendricks

    This is a unfair comparison. You should have chosen similar heights and features to compare price and quality. Apples vs VCRs is kinda useless.

  17. Jamie Burgoyne

    Great review 👌🏻

  18. Steve TQP

    Mark, though I have no experience with these two particular tripod brands, I have used Oben, MEFOTO, Promaster, and still have an old Gitzo Studio tripod for when I used large format. I recently came across a brand called ProMediaGear (Made in US), that appears to be quite good! I wonder if any of your subscribers have any experience with that brand? I also recommend the Acratech ball heads, especially for travel/hiking CF legs! Lightweight and super-sturdy! And BTW, I agree with many other posters who say that “Stability” should be the main criterion of any tripod. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  19. teelermeeler

    I have a Vanguard as well @Mike Dixon and I was shooting at the beach, got sand in the legs accidentally (me being new to tripods) and I am unable to take it apart because it wasn’t designed with this in mind. Now I know for future tripods. I think being able to disassemble it is important if you are shooting at the beach or in sandy areas.

  20. Peoria Videos Ltd

    Looks like the RRS tripod is a larger, more substantial model than the Benro you used here. Maybe using the next larger Benro it would have come closer to the height and load capacity of the RSS? At just one sixth the price hopefully. First clue here was the need to use the center column of the Benro when it wasn’t needed on the RRS.

    Not mentioned here is the hoops one has to jump through to buy anything from RRS. Did they demand any photo ID and credit card scans before they’d complete the sale? Did they take your money and then refuse to ship it because it suddenly went “out of stock”? Did they charge you a restocking fee when you cancelled the order after six months because you got tired of waiting for it to go back in stock? That is their standard business model.

  21. caroline and tigger

    Great. Thank you for sharing.

  22. wiccan daoist

    I think this review was a bit over simplified. Sure weight (or how light it is to carry) and total extended length/size (so you do look like quasi modo after a year of bending over your tripod) are all important. But stability or weight it can carry are also important. The more weight it can carry the more expensive the tripod will be. But even then, there are a lot of affordable tripods in the 200-300 dollar/euro price range out there that can carry up to 10kg/20lbs . So it would be more interesting to see some practical examples. this was more like an unboxing video at best.

  23. Adam Baines

    carbon fibre v aluminium must account for some of the price differential. I travel with carbon fibre and use my aluminium in the studio. Both are Manfrotto 055 . and you are so right about airports. having to pretend my 11kg carry one is only 8kg can be a challenge