Golf Courses in Scottsdale

Photographing Scottsdale Golf Courses

Photo of a scottsdale golf course at sunsetOne of my favorite times of the day to take photograph then desert is during sunset. The colors always seem so vibrant. I love the way the glowing orange and pink light which dances off the sun seems to glow off of the desert sand, contrasting the green cactus which stands like a sentry in it’s arid, rocky castle. My love of these light conditions has brought me back to Arizona. I plan to set up shop in Scottsdale, to take some pictures of the desert oasis’ which most people know to be golf courses. Normally golf courses aren’t very interesting. In fact, I have been to some really terrible golf courses that are less photogenic than a fly on a big pile of you-know-what. That aside, I will be the first to vouch for golf courses in Scottsdale being works of landscaping art.

I was in Scottsdale for the PGA Waste Management Phoenix Open this last year, which is when I first found out about the true beauty of Scottsdale golf courses. Somewhere between watching golfers mastering their shallow golf swing and perfect their putting, I got lost in the rolling grass hills and rocky mountain backdrop. It was nearly the end of the day and, as you can probably guess, the sun was beginning to set. I was stunned by the immense variety of colors that streaked across the desert sky, and amazed at how they played off the rich landscape. I knew at that very moment that I would have to come back after the Phoenix Open to expand my portfolio.

Around one week later, after my buzz had worn off from the fun during the Open, I returned to TPC Scottsdale (the name of the golf course) to get some photographs of the sun setting on the grass. I waited for around an hour, constantly checking my watch to see how close I was to seeing the beautiful sunset once more. The seconds felt like minutes, and the minutes like hours, while waiting for my sunset eye-candy. However, I could see that off to the west there was a large cloud which was quickly moving in to ruin my opportunity. This was a bad omen. I waited and waited, and the coud moved further and further into the path of my marvelous sunlight. The day was ruined. I ended up packing my things and heading back to my hotel with my tail between my legs.

perfect golf photo at sunsetThe next few days were hard. I kept going back to the golf course an hour before the sun was to set, and I kept having to leave with nothing to show for it. The clouds, which are rarely in the Phoenix sky, were unwavering.

Finally it came to my last day before I had to catch a plane flight onto the next adventure. Luckily, the forecast was meant to be clear skies and perfect weather, so I was hopeful. After arriving to the course and getting my camera all set up, I waited. I waited; and I prayed, and I waited some more.

As I held my breath looking all around the late afternoon sky my heart began to flutter- there were no clouds! I readied my camera and watched as golfers moved across the course. Everything was coming into place just as I wanted it to.

I stayed until it turned dark, taking photos of golfers and the ever-changing Arizona landscape. It truly was an amazing way to spend my last day in Scottsdale.

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Pro 3 Auto Repair Redmond

Pro 3 BMW Repair in Redmond

modified racing carI made a visit to Seattle, Washington last month to align some projects for this summer. I really want to get down to Dale Chihuly’s boat house and photograph some events and his art work. Glass blowing is awesome, and an art that would be fun to capture through the lens of a camera. There are some other things I will be photographing while I’m up there, the EMP museum, and some Seattle sporting events. I had the opportunity while I was up there to connect with some old friends and tour some of the new brewing facilities in Woodinville that included a tour of the local Whisky distillery called Woodinville Whiskey. The Redmond/Woodinville area has seen substantial growth over the years and wineries and breweries are opening up everywhere, I will be photographing plenty of those establishments this summer. While I was up there though, I had the chance to connect with a Pro 3 race car driver that just started providing auto repair in Redmond. The Pro 3 BMW series is a really cool little car that they are racing up in the Pacific North West, I had the chance to stop by his garage in Redmond and take a look at a few he had there for repair. They keep the cars stock for the most part and have various upgrade options that are allowed, but overall modifications are limited per series rules. I will be photographing some of the races this summer, I am a fan of sports photography, so the Pro 3 race series should be pretty fun to capture. I’ll return after summer when fall starts and get some pictures of the Seahawks games as well. I have some ticket connections that should land me near the field, and if I am lucky on the sideline of a game. I’m looking forward to the races though, those Pro 3 cars can move and with the right tense and the right shutter speed I could get some great pictures of the race. The other thing I wanted to capture in that series is the repair process, engine repair, suspension upgrades, and the modifications that they make on these cars. Photographing cars has been something that has interested me for a while. There is the Barrett Jackson events in Arizona that I have wanted to photograph for a long time, not sure if that will happen but its on my bucket list. Until then, I’ll have some fun photographing the Pro 3 race cars and documenting the modification process from inside the garage at KD Auto repair in Redmond.

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Granite Countertops Arizona

Capturing The Interior of a Luxury Home in Scottsdale

kitchen counters in Arizona home

I made my way through Arizona this past month and found myself doing virtual tours for a realtor friend of mine in Scottsdale. Homes in the southwest are absolutely gorgeous. The detail work and craftsmanship are unparalleled and the landscapes are breathtaking. Cactus gardens and palm trees are typical focal points in desert landscapes and can be amazing landscapes to photograph in the wild. When I came to Arizona it wasn’t my intention to photograph real estate, but I found myself really enjoying the change of pace. As a roaming photographer, you are always looking for your next opportunity to shoot something intriguing. As I began to learn more about the houses I was capturing I often took time to marvel at the craftsmanship. The handcrafted cabinetry in the kitchen was a sign that someone along the way was paying attention to the detail. Scottsdale is known for being a ritzy area and anyone that has custom construction done on a home that is already worth north of a million is in a pretty good spot. The kitchen also had a brick pizza oven, and granite countertops that brought the whole thing together. The backsplash was also made of granite and had beautiful marbling that was similar to that of marble stone. The Arizona sun peeked through the windows and lit the counters in a way that artificial lighting never could. The orange hue created a picture perfect moment to capture some pictures around sunset. Shooting photography in Arizona is pretty convenient, there is plenty of natural light that makes indoor and outdoor photography easier. Shooting early and shooting late are usually your best bet for outdoor photography. The intense sun can cause overexposure, so capturing your shots before the sun rises, and after it sets is an ideal window for getting great shots. For this virtual tour, I had the opportunity to shoot in the morning and in the evening. The home was beautiful, and capturing the upgrades within the home became a priority for me. I wanted potential buyers to find things about this home that were unique and could influence a purchasing decision. My friend wanted to get the home off the market as soon as possible and we decided that focusing on the upgrades made during the remodel would be a great focal point for our photography session. Both the kitchen and bathrooms were renovated and included new granite countertops Arizona style. With desert tones, these granite countertops became the focus of both rooms. As you entered the kitchen, the sprawling countertops commanded attention and could not go unnoticed. The bathrooms upon entry also were also feature rich with granite counter surfaces and stainless Steele sink hardware. The floors were also upgraded to tile throughout the home. Below are some pictures that feature the granite countertops in this Phoenix home. Please enjoy the photography and drop me a note if you have any questions about the methods used to capture these pictures.

granite bathroom counters in Phoenix home

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Stem Cell Donation

Photographing A Stem Cell Donation

photo of stem cell donorAs a photographer I travel most of my life and capture time through the lens of my camera. I travel with many cameras, that each have a purpose, that each tell a story. When I am outdoors I have my trusty outdoor camera, lens, and tripod. When I am indoors, I have a camera and accessories for that. When there is a moment to capture and I am not prepared I have my cell phone camera that I often use to capture spontaneous events that arise in everyday life. My preference is to capture nature in it’s raw, pure, form. Nature is unforgiving, it can be brutal out there, animals kill to survive and Mother Nature has no feelings towards the human race. I have friends that have documented wars, there are currently photographers in Syria that are capturing the terrible events that are plaguing the region. Sadly, I have no interest in that. It hurts my heart that humans treat each other like they do. Life is so short and so precious, yet we waste it away on nonsense, focused on things that are not important and have no relevance beyond the simple minds that hold them close. I was reading an article the other day about an eight year old  Muslim girl that was raped and murdered by another group in India that wasn’t of the same religion. It is such a sad world, that these events truly bring tears to my eyes. This is one of the many reasons why I have decided not to photograph people and events, but instead focus on nature, wildlife, and landscapes. That has been the case for 25 + years, until the other day while in California I ran into a a young man that was about to have a stem cell transplant because he found an exact match donor. I wanted to photograph the extraction of the stem cells but was unable to gain clearance into the medical facility. The next best thing I could photograph was the look on the stem cell donors face when he came out of surgery. It was a true moment of human kindness, to become a stem cell donor isn’t a quick simple process. It’s inconvenient, takes time, hurts, and isn’t something that you are rewarded for financially. However, the rewards of saving a life exceed any financial reward one could receive. The event was a heart touching event that brought tears to my eyes, watching another human being so compassionate towards someone in need. It gave me hope that as a human race we are not totally lost, but there are still good people out there that are willing to put themselves out for others. While talking with the young man about becoming a stem cell donor I wanted to learn more about the process, and how I could possible offer my stem cells to someone in need. Stem cells are like blood types, you need an exact match for the transplant to be successful. Therefore, there is a constant need for donors to register and give to those in need. He turned me on to the Gift of Life Stem Cell Donor Registry in Florida, it’s a place where you can register to become a stem cell donor. They will send out a swabbing kit for you to swab your mouth and send the kit back. With the swab, they can pair you with an exact match donor. You can literally become a hero by saving the life of another human. This has changed my life, changed how I view the world, and has inspired me to photograph more instances of human kindness. I don’t need to photograph war torn countries, or natural disasters to catch glimpses of history through the lens of my camera. There are glimpses of history passing me by every day that are extreme acts of kindness that could be captured through the lens of a camera. The problem is that there is no money in that for a photographer, it is the sad and honest truth. Disaster sells, pictures of smiling people who are donating stem cells do not sell. That is the world we live in, but I am going to do my best to capture those moments of kindness and happiness for the world to see. People need to know that there are heroes out there besides our brave troops in uniform. There are other heroes out there saving lives everyday, fighting their own wars, and surviving the impossible. If you are touched by the idea of saving the life of another human and would like to make a stem cell donation you can visit to learn more about becoming a stem cell donor.

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Phoenix Pest Infestations

Capturing Images of Infested Regions of The Southwest

arizona roachesArizona is known for it’s rough desert landscape and capturing images of the wildlife as they go about their daily routines in the desert is a site to see. I have been photographing nature for a few decades now and there is almost nothing more interesting than photographing infestations. I have been in attics with bat infestations that numbered in the hundreds, seen rat infestations that have filled barnyards, and bee infestations that have placed thousands of buzzing bees in the walls of a residential structure. No matter the insect, no matter the rodent, infestations are an amazing site to behold and if you are lucky enough you can photograph them before they move on to another location or before they get removed.

Being in this industry for as long as I have you learn a lot of tricks to help you get in front of the landscape or scene you want to photograph. Finding locals to take you to that hidden waterfall, or to that pristine landscape can make all the difference in the world. When I set out into the Arizona desert to find abandoned mining towns and structures that may have fell victim to one of natures marvelous infestations I decided to reach out to a local pest control company in Phoenix for advise on finding the perfect infestation. Scorpions, spiders, snakes, rats, roaches, I really didn’t care what it was, I just wanted to find an infested piece of land and photograph for a few hours. I was hoping the pest control company may have had a job on the books that I could have photographed prior to them removing the infestation, but there was no such luck. They were able to give me some good advice that was specific to each insect and rodent that was native to Arizona.

There were some interesting tips on how scorpions nested and where I might find an infestation of them. arizona scorpionRattlesnakes typically don’t infest areas of land but rather roam free, however there were suggestions about rocky landscapes where I might find an abundance of rattlers and other sun-loving reptiles. The old mining towns of Kearney, and Jerome offer some great abandoned properties to photograph that had small infestations of rodents.

We eventually ventured downtown Phoenix near the old Union Station where there was an abundance of opportunity for infestations. As I took a closer look through the lens of my camera I did notice that there were cockroaches on just about everything that was lining the drainage ditch. The drainage ditch provides plenty of moisture and collects enough garbage to create a feeding frenzy for both roaches and rats. Although I didn’t see any rats, the conditions were perfect for them. The roach infestation was real though, and we have some wonderful images to share with you showcasing what we found.

We hope you enjoy this piece of Photographing The West and hope you return soon to see our new projects and artistic photographs.

Check out some of the outdoor photography gear used on this shoot.

Thank you.

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The nature photography of John Fielder

The nature photography of John Fielder

His masterful images capture the timeless majesty of Colorado’s landscape, but John Fielder also hopes his photographs will help stir others to protect the awesome splendor of his state

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NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY in DENMARK | VLOG from a beautiful day with my camera in the local forest

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY in DENMARK | VLOG from a beautiful day with my camera in the local forest

I am in the local woodland doing landscape photography and trying to photograph the beautiful scenery created by the newly fallen snow.
Even though the Landscape this day is amazing, nature photography is a challenge because there are so many beautiful images to capture.

I have just spent a lot of time in the Norwegian mountains doing wildlife and landscape photography and it feels great to be back. Despite the abundance of the amazing wildlife in Norway, which is relatively easy to find and photograph, there is something really nice about being in a very familiar forest very near to where I live in Denmark.

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The 4K behind the scenes vlog is recorded on my Panasonic GH5 with the Leica 12mm.
For the drone footage I use my DJI drone.
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The temperature dropped to below zero degrees celsius and suddenly it started to snow. I only had few hours left of the day but decided to go to the local forest to do some landscape photography and to make some b-roll and maybe a behind the scenes vlog.

It is always a challenge to get out from the warm living room and directly into the forest with so many beautiful subjects to photograph, but after a little time, I could feel how the mind and body relaxed and then I started to get good photos.

••• WHO I AM •••

My name is Morten Hilmer and I work as a professional nature and wildlife photographer. In a series of short 4K videos I will share my fascination of nature with you and invite you behind the scene when I am out photographing the fascinating wildlife, the stunning landscapes and the wild nature. I work as a ILCP photographer, and nature conservation is very close to my heart.

Read more about my time in the Sirius Dogsled Patrol on the BBC Earth website:

Beside the many publications, my photographs have been awarded in the Wildlife photographer of the year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo competitions.

In spring 2017 I published my book Silence of the North:


All the best
Morten Hilmer

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Blackmount Landscape Photography Expedition – The Loop of Achlaise

Blackmount Landscape Photography Expedition – The Loop of Achlaise

Blackmount Landscape Photography Expedition – The Loop of Achlaise

A demanding hike that takes in part of The West Highland Way, Rannoch Moor and the four summits that surround Lochan na h-Achlaise.

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Blackmount Landscape Photography Expedition – The Loop of Achlaise music by Ambysphere


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Landscape Photography: DAYLIGHT Photography TIPS

Landscape Photography: DAYLIGHT Photography TIPS

In this video I show you how I create, what I believe to be, an interesting photo in the middle of the day with bright sun above me 🙂

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Manfrotto 055Cx PRO3 with ball head 498RC2
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Circular polarisers on all lenses
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Golden Hour by LAKEY INSPIRED is licensed under a Creative Commons License


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Nature Photography – Wetland Bird Shoot – My Local Patch

Nature Photography – Wetland Bird Shoot – My Local Patch

In this video I nip just around the corner to Longton Brickcroft in Lancashire to my local patch to photograph wetland birds. With only a little bit of spare time on a Saturday morning, what better way is there to put that time to good use than to chill out with the camera at a local nature reserve in the morning sunshine.

Adventures by A Himitsu
Arcadia – Wonders by Kevin MacLeod
Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix

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Photo Of The Day By Kevin Cass

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Lawn Dart” by Kevin Cass.
Photo By Kevin Cass

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Lawn Dart” by Kevin Cass.

“Jack Pilot performs a Lawn Dart off an 80-foot rock in Grand Targhee Backcountry on a sunny winter morning,” describes Cass.

See more of Kevin Cass’ photography at

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